I know you’ve always wanted to read a translation of H.P. Lovecraft into Basque… No? Well, how about a Basque translation of an H.P. Lovecraft story about “the barbarous Vascones”? The story is “The Very Old Folk” (1927), and it’s here at après moi, le déluge, the Basque version (translated by “our friend Odei”) followed by the original. Enjoy… or rather tremble in eldritch horror!


  1. John Emerson says:

    Silmarillion is amazing!

  2. In this case the amazing euskaldun is Hartza!

  3. I must confess that after reading “Basque lovecraft” I expected a much more tantric comment on the translation… Alas, thanks a lot hat.
    What else could anyone expect from English speaking Basques (‘euskaldunak’) haunting Brussels??? Eldricht horrors, eerie posts and little else.

  4. Oh, well, you never know:
    Yes, there is a “Euskal Kama Sutra” (Basque Kama Sutra”). Without any doubt with a lot of pre-indoeuropean… let’s say modus operandi.

  5. John Emerson says:

    Thanks, Hartza! I’ll never read it, alas.

  6. John Emerson says:

    Hartza, perhaps you could translate the Basque dialect passages from Don Quixote into Basque. Now that would be a challenge! (I believe that Rabelais and John Skelton also feature little snippets of supposed Basque.)

  7. Into Basque or into English? Well, why not? I have recently re-discovered in my library (think about Gormenghast, but all of it books & trinkets) a good article on that particular passage by Rabelais (who in fact did wrote it in actual Basque!). And I also have some editions of the Quixote there… Anyway, if I recall correctly, the ‘Basque’ used by Cervantes was anything but real (*). I have to check that again (damned Alzheimer!).
    Promised then: You will read soon about those topics in après moi.
    (*) There is a very good article (in Spanish) on the humoristic use of pretended Basque in the Spanish comedies of XVI-XVII centuries at:

  8. John Emerson says:

    I did check Skelton, and there was no Basque, alas.

  9. “No Basque, Alas” would make a great title.

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