Claire Bowern, in her shiny new blog Anggarrgoon (“Anggarrgoon is Bardi for ‘on the web’. From time to time I’ll rant about various linguistic things here”), has posted this intriguing entry:

It’s a little-known fact that Blog has an etymology in Bardi. It’s a place name. It’s between (if memory serves) Jojogarr and Gonorr. So next time you’re in a tinny surrounded by crocodiles on your way to Koolan Island, think of how much cooler this is than “weblog” > “blog”, which doesn’t even obey the regular rule of metrical truncation.

I like it, and I think I’ll start seeing if I can convince people of it.

Bardi, by the way, is spoken in the One Arm Point Aboriginal Community, Western Kimberley Region, Western Australia, and I hope Claire will be blogging about Australian languages, which I find most interesting.


  1. Thanks for the ad and the links! I’ve been looking for my favourite One Arm Point link, but it’s passed into web history, unfortunately. It was about the opening of the new store in the community and it made my day at the time because it meant you could get more than one type of tinned veggie. sic transit…

  2. My girlfriend informs me that she once took a hike through the everglades, wading waist-deep through the muck: an activity she says was described by the guide as ‘blogging.’
    I’ve not been able to verify this usage.

  3. apropos ‘blog’ not following the rules of metric truncation, there is precedent – the movie Zardoz.
    The word Zardoz is a remembered, truncated version of Wizard of Oz – not that zardoz has become common usage, thought it might/oughta (maybe), as in ‘to zardozi reality’.
    Pete Edler
    Stockholm, Sweden

  4. I mean ‘to zardoz reality’ of course (not ‘zardozi reality’)
    Pete Edler
    Stockholm, Sweden

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