Margaret Jull Costa. a translator from Portuguese and Spanish, has an essay on translating Pessoa that includes an exercise with a short text in Portuguese followed by a translation with pull-down menus offering choices of various English words and phrases at various points. An ingenious method that seems like a natural for the internet. Thanks, Jeremy!


  1. Thanks for the link, LH! I’ve been reading Costa’s translations of Saramago for about half a year now, and completely in awe of her abilities. My notes on reading Saramago are here.

  2. Arthur Crown says:

    She’s great. There’s an unanswered question on Wikipedia that I’m sure someone here knows: ‘Could somebody confirm whether Jull is a matronymic? When I write her name in the format “surname, given name” should it be “Jull Costa, Margaret” or “Costa, Margaret Jull”?’

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