1) Nic Dafis of Morfablog alerted me to the BBC radio drama based on David Jones’s In Parenthesis (which I discussed here, here, and here); it’s an hour and a half long, and you can listen to it by following the link on this page. It’s only online for a week from last Sunday, so I guess through this coming weekend; sorry about the delay, but at least it’s still there. It’s very well done, with lovely Welsh accents and restrained use of WWI sound effects; it was worth it for me just to learn that reveille is pronounced ruh-VALLEY Over There. (I followed along in my copy of the book, and noted some odd changes; “night woods” for “night weeds” is presumably just a misreading, but why did they change the song “Casey Jones” to “Tipperary” and “bull-shit” to “muck”??)
2) That great NYC institution Film Forum is currently showing my favorite movie of all time, Jean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game, and tomorrow will begin a two-week run of perhaps my favorite Godard movie, Two or Three Things I Know About Her, about which I wrote here. (The title in French is 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d’elle, which in idiomatic translation should be ‘one or two things I know about her,’ but the clunky literal version has become firmly embedded.) It’s a rare chance to see these great movies (especially the Godard, for which I thought there were no longer any screenable prints); don’t miss ’em if you can.


  1. michael farris says:

    Two or three things… along with La Chinoise are the only Godard movies I really like (both in my top 20).
    As for the title of the first, I assume (politely assuming full competence of the translator(s)) they didn’t want to use the title “One or two…” and then have the audience see “2 ou 3…”.
    Maybe “A few things..” “A couple of things…”
    As for the second, it seems that like some opera titles (La Traviata, Cosi Fan Tutte) they never even try to translate it into English. The Chinese Girl sounds wrong, the Chinawoman even worse. Any suggestions?
    My preference might be to change it altogether to something like Chinese summer or Chinese vacation.
    Or, considering the movie of a few years ago, The Chinese apartment.

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