First off: bulbulovo is back! Those of you who (like me) had started to think of the blogroll link as a sentimental reminder of the good old days can go back to clicking it regularly. And the latest post is a doozy. I didn’t even know there was a practice of writing Arabic in Syriac script, let alone that the name for it could be written “Karshuni, carshuni, carchouni, carschouni, karschuni, karšūnī, karshūnī, karschūnī, garshuni, garschuni, garšūnī, gerschuni, gershuni, geršūnī or even akaršūnī and akarschūnī.” The intrepid bulbul does his best to disentangle the word’s history and usage, and I commend his discussion to all fans of obscure and useless knowledge.


  1. John Emerson says:

    Searching for the same term with small variations over and over again just isn’t fun. I’m taking this up with the European Commission, they should be able to settle the matter in no time at all.
    I protest! This should go to the U.N. But only after the Maronites, Jacobites, and Nestorians have come to an agreement about the topic. And there must be an empty seat at the table for the Manichaeans. Let’s not rush on this.

  2. John Emerson says:

    I think, however, that Bulbul should be given this year’s award for the most wonderful picking of a nit.


  4. mollymooly says:

    Surely you’re not still clicking on links, Hat?! RSS, baby!

  5. hat,
    Ευχαριστώ, κύριε 🙂
    as my Arab Lit professor used to say, one man’s nitpick is another man’s dissertation proposal 🙂

  6. I am a stubborn holdout against this RSS thing. I suspect it wants to fluoridate my teeth and suborn my cats.

  7. “I am a stubborn holdout against this RSS thing. I suspect it wants to fluoridate my teeth and suborn my cats.”
    I KNEW there was a reason I felt you were simpatico. I’ve dabbled in RSS, but much prefer the control I retain by simply clicking on links when I feel so inclined, rather than having the link force-fed to me whenever it updates.
    Thanks for the link to bulbul’s new post, too.

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