Some language-related strips from Robert Balder’s principled comic PartiallyClips:

Just keep talking, Mr. Billings…
Sweetie, stop making noises and look at the book, OK?
How do you do that thing where your mouthparts don’t synch to your words?

Via the irrepressible Mark Liberman at the indispensable Language Log.


  1. I can’t thank you enough for this…
    I’ve bookmarked the page and will try to ration myself to two or three strips a day so that I can prolong the pleasure.
    Smurf on!

  2. Funny funny stuff. ‘Preciated.

  3. Can I say something irrelevant and correct your virtually impeccable spelling? It’s indispensable (not -ible). Love your site, though, as always.

  4. Good god. We all have our blind spots in spelling, and that’s one of mine. On my good days, I look at the word after I write it and think “Better look that up.” This wasn’t one of my good days. I’ll leave it up till I get to work as a horrid reminder, then get around to fixing it. Thanks!
    (Oh, and spelling is never irrelevant on this site.)

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