A new language blog, الف لسان mille langues χιλιοι γλωσσῶν, looks very promising. The first post begins:

A thousand and one tongues shall be the name of this polyglot blog (though most of the writing will be in English, I hope to have snippets from numerous languages), and this tithe of the myriad manners of expression upon the earth shall consist of lesser-known languages, dialects, creoles, “extinct” and contact languages. My personal contributions will gravitate toward languages from majority arabophone countries, though I invite the contributions of others from spheres and climes beyond my reach and ken.

Check out the Nubian text and khawaji’s attempted decipherment. Welcome, and happy blogging!


  1. Please do not ignore my chinese based language blog

  2. χιλιοι γλωσσῶν ??

  3. You can use genitive following the number; Thucydides has χίλιοι Μακεδόνων.

  4. Oh, wait, you mean it should be χίλιαι, don’t you? Yeah, I guess it should. My Greek’s a little rusty.

  5. My classical Greek is rusty, but Thucydides’s “χιλίους Μακεδόνων” is more specific than “a thousand Macedonians” — it’s rather “a thousand [of the | among the] Macedonians. “A thousand [of the world’s] languages” makes sense, but it’s not a literal translation of “mille langues”.

  6. Ah, you’re doubtless right. I hope khawaji drops by to address the issue.

  7. David Marjanović says:

    Lameen Souag has been linking to it for a few days under the name of “Alf Lisan”.

  8. David Marjanović says:

    …and of course I just might have noticed that the address is, instead of selling my great insight as something new. Hmmm.

  9. My utmost apologies for not noticing the attention that my humble blog had garnered so far (I am quite surprised and honored to have been mentioned in so illustrious a blog as language hat already), and the controversy of χιλιοι γλωσσων is something I should not have allowed to lie dormant for so long – I will hide behind the excuse that I am in Darfur and have limited internet access. But I address the issue in full in my latest post, which I hope will satisfy the dubious.

  10. John Cowan says:

    χιλίους Μακεδόνων

    I think this is best rendered as regiments of Macedonians, the military organization headed by a chiliarch ‘commander of a thousand’.

  11. Bathrobe says:

    Canonling seems to have disappeared.

  12. I see khawaji’s blog didn’t last past October 5, 2009. Ah well.

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