I linked to Searchable World Wide Web Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database within a post once, but I’ve never made a separate post of it, and I think I should, having been reminded of it by e-mail. Thanks, Paul!


  1. Oh boy, how exciting! 😛
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself, I’m sure this truly is exciting to someone somewhere. It is honestly really cool that things like this exist and we all now have access to them via the internet. The fact that you can look up the name of any plant in any language and that there’s an entire website dedicated solely to that purpose is both weird and wonderful in that it indicates just how much information we have access to if we want it.

  2. I for one find comparative multilingual naturalist vocabulary to be ABSOLUTELY fascinating—botanics, animals, ores, alchemical substances, you name it.
    gotta dig the “☆☆☆☆☆ Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library [Prize,] Awarded November 1999”

  3. The 1999 vintage shows up in the use of images rather than Unicode. It’s much easier to create and manipulate sites using Unicode than creating images, which are very clunky and time consuming. I know, because I started out using images before Unicode became popular and then had to painstakingly transform everything to Unicode. On their site it could take months, possibly years of effort (depending on how many people are working on it).

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