Oxford has digitized and placed online long runs of the Annual Register (1758-78), Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine (1843-63), Gentleman’s Magazine (1731-50), Notes and Queries (1849-69), Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (1757-77), and The Builder (1843-52). (Via MonkeyFilter.)


  1. aldiboronti says:

    Thank you so much, lh! That Notes and Queries link is Christmas come early for me. I have a couple of the bound volumes in my collection and they’re a treasure trove of the abstruse and the fascinating, with etymology, in particular, cropping up frequently. Now I can happily squirrel through the whole series!

  2. When found, make a note of.
    (I note that I screwed up the first link, which I shall proceed to amend without further ado.)

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