Parisian Emigre Journals Online.

Back in 2007 I was excited to find a site that had the first issue of Современные записки [Sovremennye zapiski, ‘Contemporary Notes’], published in Paris from 1920 to 1940; it was the leading emigre journal of the period, publishing (among other things) almost all of Nabokov’s Russian-language fiction. Alas, that site went under before they could do more than whet my appetite; now, however, I learn (via the indispensable XIX век) that there’s a site, Литературные журналы русского Парижа (1920–1940), that has, along with a bunch of other journals, the entire run of Современные записки as pdf files, along with obsessively detailed information about where and by whom every issue was published: “1923 (Кн. XVII) – Imp. Presse Fr.-Russe, 216, Bd Raspail, Paris. – Le gérant: A. Hambourg.” I am a happy camper (and am downloading the issues with installments of Nabokov’s Dar [The Gift], just in case anything should happen to the site), and I hope others interested in Russian emigre literature will find this as exciting as I do.


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