“The Rohonc Codex (pronounced [ˈrohont͡s] in Hungarian) is a set of writings in an unknown writing system.” I take that description from the start of the linked Wikipedia article, which goes on to provide a thorough discussion of the history and features of the codex and attempts to translate it (pretty fruitless, since no one knows what language, if any, it’s written in). I ran across this gem of obscure mystery in Shii’s Best of Wikipedia page, where you will find many other interesting things in his Almanac of Wonders.


  1. michael farris says:
  2. Nick Pelling’s Cipher Mysteries site has a recent item about the Rohonc Codex:

  3. I wonder why it isn’t as famous as the Voynich Manuscript?

  4. I’m going to guess that it’s a work of irreverent political history.

  5. David Marjanović says:

    It just screams “practical joke”.

  6. @Laura — Nick Pelling at the above link has the same question.

  7. John Emerson says:

    This is a wonderful time for me to say that I really hate Microsoft in all its works and all its ways. Go away, Microsoft Office 2007!

  8. [Note for future readers: a gentleman by the name of Microsoft Office 2007 was leaving identical genial-but-irrelevant comments in a number of threads, including this one.]

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