In a comment to an earlier post, Keira Ballantyne mentioned work she’d done on Yapese, including interlinear translations, and I liked the site so much I thought I’d give it its own post.

This corpus is split into two parts. The first, the Honolulu Corpus of Written Yapese, was collected at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa in the spring of 2001. The source materials for the corpus come from various upper elementary school readers first published in the late seventies by the Yap State Education Department… The second part of the corpus, the Colonia Corpus of Spoken Yapese, was collected in Yap in late 2002. It consists of three interviews… Keira Gebbie Ballantyne edited the translations and prepared the interlinearized version of the texts.

Keira says: “I’m currently looking for an application which I can use to generate concordances from the xml files on the web. If you know of something that will do that, I’d love to hear from you.” So drop her a line, and once again: isn’t the internet great?


  1. I think Kirrkirr can do this. http://www-nlp.stanford.edu/kirrkirr/

  2. Thanks for that, Claire (and thanks to Mr(?) Hat for this post, too!) — I might have a play with it and see what it can do.
    I should mention that I’ve also recently found this:
    which does do a nice concordance, but you have to know the xml annotation schema to make it work well, and it can’t feed the concordance back through my stylesheet, so you get a concordance in xml with tags, which is ugly.

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