The Desital Library of Modern Japanese Language (do they mean “Digital”?) presents works like Liggins, J. Familiar Phrases in English and Romanized Japanese (1860), Brown, S.R. Colloquial Japanese (1863), and letters A-D of Hepburn‘s Japanese and English Dictionary (1867)—one hopes they’ll get around to the other letters eventually. (Via No-sword.)


  1. I assume they mean “digital”, it’s usually transliterated as デジタル (dejitaru) here, but デシタル (des(h)itaru) is an occasionally-seen variant…

  2. aldiboronti says

    I’d say that’s a definite digital given all the google hits for ‘desital camera’.

  3. And to support Matt, デジタル is often romanized as dezitaru instead of dejitaru.

  4. We linked this now to japundit.com, too.
    Desital? Digital?
    An interesting blogsite at languagehat.com, which discusses all things related to the world’s many languages, from Japanese to Swahili, links here to “The Digital Library of Modern Japanese Language” which presents nihongo dictionaries from way back then — 1860, 1863 and 1867.
    Via No-Sword

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