27 Missing Kisses.

My wife and I have been watching TCM’s Women Make Film series (schedule) for the last few months; I haven’t posted about it because this isn’t Moviehat, but we’ve seen a lot of good movies we’d never have gotten the chance to see (as well as some not-so-good ones, but that’s life in this imperfect world), and if you like movies I suggest investigating that schedule. I’m here, though, to tell you about the one we saw last night, 27 Missing Kisses (Georgian: 27 დაკარგული კოცნა); as I wrote my brother just now, it’s one of the weirdest movies we’ve ever seen (of course, Georgian movies tend to be weird). It’s full of stunning images (here’s a brief clip — without subtitles, but the TCM version had them), and has one of the funniest (and simultaneously most shocking) scenes in any movie I know. And it’s mostly in Russian and Georgian, though Captain Nemo speaks French; how often do you get to see movies in Georgian?

To my American readers: happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy it as best you can in this strange year, and we’ll hope for less social distancing in 2021.


  1. The clip does have the script of that cut if you scroll down.

    That drew me in. I’m going to try to watch the whole thing this weekend. Thanks.

  2. I saw a lot of movies in Georgian and Russian back in Soviet times.

    Haven’t watched them much recently.

    Still remember some Georgian songs.

    mera memgerebs / uzilo zetsa / zambahi veli…


  3. “Since Otar Left” is Georgian, Russian and French.

  4. Still remember some Georgian songs.

    At one point “Suliko” turns up in the movie, and I laughed and told my wife “That was Stalin’s favorite song!”

    “Since Otar Left” is Georgian, Russian and French.

    Yes, we saw it not long after it came out and are planning to rewatch our DVD soon. Wonderful movie!

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