And other funny species names. (Via Chuck Welch at BlogJazz, who says “This really belongs over at languagehat.”)


  1. You know, you linked to this site fairly recently. I thought of pointing out the puns page then, as it was sitting in my bookmarks, but decided against it.

  2. I know, but on a day like this, I thought a link to the pun page was apropos. After all, it was handed to me on a silver platter.

  3. Looking back at my RSS reader I received that post on Jan 20th at 2:12 pm.
    Obviously I was off my feed that day.

  4. I just posted about the priapalids or “penis worms”, whose blood used hemerythrin (lacks porphyrin) rather than hemoglobin to transport oxygen. their blood is pinkish-violet.
    Everything you want to know about exotic methods of oxygen transport is there.

  5. No offense, zizka, but if I ever need oxygen transported I’ll just call a professional mover. None of your fancy modern hemowhatsis for me.

  6. That’s right, I forgot we’re all humanists here. I also have a realtime video of a fish-eating snail eating a fish. Those pretty little molluscs can kill you.

  7. Zizka,
    What about video of those parazites living off (and in) humans (in digestive tract, as far as I remember)? Russian newspapers in NY sometimes sell whole 2 page space for the adverts of some “healers” and/or cure products, with amazing pics. I’ve no idea, is this phenomenon specific to the said newspapers or not.

  8. I’ll work on it, Tatyana.

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