Abralin Ao Vivo.

Slavomír Čéplö aka bulbul wrote me about the YouTube channel Abralin Ao Vivo, saying:

It contains a bunch of online lectures from various linguists – all free, naturally – some of them in Portuguese, some in English. Past highlights include David Crystal and Salikoko Mufwene, but it really gets rolling this week with lectures by Dan and Caleb Everett, Barbara Partee and Andy Wedel.

Looks good — thanks, Slavo!


  1. Not on that channel but worth a look is linguist Hiram Smith’s YouTube talk on the N-word; his conclusion, unsurprising to anyone who knows anything about the history of American speech and usage, is that there is no recent change or “reclamation,” that blacks and whites have always used the word in varying ways, some positive and some negative, and black people have always (at least back to the 1820s) complained about other black people using the word, but of course not many people know anything about the history of American speech and usage. Pull quote: “Just look at all those TV shows, they never have a linguist on there.” (It’s over an hour, but you can do what I did and skip to where he shows slides with the important points.)

  2. AJP Crown says

    Past highlights include David Crystal

    I can’t find this.

  3. AJP,

    this one.

  4. AJP Crown says

    Aha. Thanks, Slavo!

  5. Neat!

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