Albanian Resources Online.

Christopher Culver has a post on Romanian–Albanian parallels and the location of the Proto-Albanian Urheimat that begins with links to a couple of useful resources for anyone who might take a linguistic interest in Albanian:

Ranko Matasović has written a freely available grammatical sketch of Albanian for students of Indo-European. This is a useful resource alongside the University of Texas Indo-Europeanists’ Albanian lessons, and it’s nice that what has always been an obscure language is now easier to make an acquaintance with.

I have to admit that, barring a few curses Dan Abondolo taught me forty years ago, I’ve never looked into Albanian, but it’s nice to have the links should I choose to do so.


  1. I once started this little series of systematically arranged notes on Albanian historical phonology on the Cybalist discussion group:

    Albanian (1)
    Albanian (2)
    Albanian (3)

    After ten years, I can’t recall if I ever posted “Albanian (4)” etc. I can’t find them now (much to my own regret). It was the heyday of the list, with some fantastic participants (like the late Jens E. Rasmussen) and a lot of stimulating discussion. In retrospect, I seem to be in general agreement with Ranko Matasović, though we may differ on some matters of detail.

  2. That’s such a wonderful story — anybody not familiar with the “Learn Albanian!” meme should visit e-k’s link at once.

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