Ancient Indo-European Grammars Online.

Via bulbul’s Facebook feed, Ancient Indo-European Grammars:

Indo-European Linguistics has produced a wealth of knowledge about the grammars of Ancient Indo-European languages, which has substantially advanced our understanding of the history of language and the human past in general. Since this knowledge is scattered over thousands of scientific publications of the past two centuries (and ongoing), access to these languages and their fascinating features and histories is reserved to specialists. The aim of this project is to help unearth this treasure and to present it to a wider audience in an easily accessible and up-to-date form. In line with this vision, a team of experts on Indo-European languages from all over the world offers courses introducing twelve of the most important Indo-European languages and their grammars.

They’ve got Old Albanian, Classical Armenian, Avestan, Gothic… Check it out!


  1. PlasticPaddy says

    For Gothic is there any online reference better than

  2. By the title I had my hopes up for “ancient grammars” i.e. some curated collection of old reference works in public domain, though new materials are nice too.

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