Back in 2007 I posted about a site that had “a plan to put online the entire run of Sovremennye zapiski [the most important emigré “thick journal,” in which Nabokov published his great Russian works]. Right now only the first issue is available, but it’s enough to whet my appetite.” Alas, not only did they never put any more issues online, but now the entire site is gone. Nothing daunted, I am now placing my hopes on archives de l’émigration russe, which has (so far) no Sovremennye zapiski, but some wonderful periodicals from between the wars—Сатирикон, Дни, Иллюстрированная Россия, Рубеж… I supplicate whatever gods there be to prosper this venture and expand its reach.


  1. dearieme says

    Ahoy, Hat, is this of interest to you?
    (Hat tip – oh very funny – to the Dienekes blog.)

  2. From dearie’s link: It quickly became clear to us that while many ethnic groups are defined by language, in some cases ethnic and linguistic affiliations do not coincide: for example, Jews speak different languages, depending on where they live …
    Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather. And here I thought they all spoke Hebrew !?

  3. Ahoy, Hat, is this of interest to you?
    You bet! Here‘s a direct link.

  4. Louis V****** Sacs says

    Louis V****** Sacs Modèle de paquet très profonde, si l’écart entre les particules de petites vésicules distinctes, comme le sont la moyenne de la largeur du fossé entre les particules.

    [Heavily cropped and relieved of its URLs, but left to preserve the point and humor of David’s comment. –LH]

  5. Is that a language-sensitive auto-spammer? You should post articles with titles in various other languages, and see if you get spam in those languages.

  6. marie-lucie says

    I would not advise anyone to try to learn French from the handbag spammer above.

  7. Yes, “Very deep packet pattern, if the gap between the particles of small separate vesicles, as are the average of the gap width between the particles” is clearly an example of the famous clarté, or as we call it in English, clart.

  8. Rodger C says

    Vaste comme la nuit et comme la clart.

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