Armeniapedia is “an online encyclopedia about Armenia that anyone can edit.” It has sections on history, society, food, and so on, but of course what particularly interests me is the language section, which includes lessons in Eastern Armenian (the dialect spoken in Armenia, Russia and Iran). Armenian has such a pretty alphabet I’ve always wanted to pick some up; maybe this will give me the impetus. (Via Plep, who I hope is enjoying his holiday!)


  1. There’s a nice Armenian script tutorial here. One of my students found it.

  2. Sorry, have to post again to comment on how bizarre it is that that url worked but the one I entered exactly the same way before didn’t.

  3. How many times to date has it been vandalised by Turks?

  4. I’m digging the photo of the Armenian Alphabet Monument. I wonder – do we have any such monument to language in North America?

  5. Fascinating. Since J. is half Armenian, and we now live in a city where you see that alphabet regularly and there’s clearly a big community, we realize how much less we know of the culture and language than of the Arab side of the family. The food, however, managed to make it through the decades of refugee status and relocation. Also some embroideries from my mother-in-law. But I have always wanted to be able to decipher the alphabet.

  6. I was going to suggest the same site as Claire above. (I know the author, Henrik Theiling, from the CONLANG mailing list.) It does a number of other scripts as well, not just Armenian (and more are being actively added at present). It’s quite helpful – I’m finally developing basic recognition ability in Hangul and Hebrew, though not Armenian yet.

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