Les Fleurs du Mal has always been one of my favorite poetry collections, and now Gallica (the digital section of the Bibliothèque nationale de France) has put Baudelaire’s proofs online, corrected to within an inch of their lives by their picky author (at one point he sort of apologizes for pointing out things no other reader will ever notice, but says he can’t help seeing them). On the other hand, as one commenter says in the MetaFilter thread where I learned about it, “On page 6 of this proof the title line is LES ELEURS DU MAL and on page 7 it says LES FEURS DO MAL,” so he needed to keep his eyes peeled.


  1. Gallica is a wonderful resource, which I discovered only recently. I downloaded some documents from it before, but in this case was unable to (it said to try again later). On my computer the online text loads very slowly.

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