Bibliographia Iranica.

Paul Ogden sent me a link to Arash Zeini: A predominantly bibliographic blog for Iranian Studies, and I was pleased to see accounts of publications like Greater Khorasan: History, Geography, Archaeology and Material Culture and Orality and textuality in the Iranian world: Patterns of interaction across the centuries; the latest post announces a move to a new location at Bibliographia Iranica, and that site is just as rich — I particularly enjoyed the post on Ruse and Wit: The Humorous in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Narrative, which reproduces a table of contents with such appetizing titles as “Have you heard the one about the man from Qazvin? Regionalist humor in the works of Ubayd-i Zakani,” by Dominic Parviz Brookshaw, and “Playful figures of script in Persian and Chinese,” by Paul Sprachman. I’m bookmarking it, as I would expect anyone interested in the Iranian world to do; thanks, Paul!


  1. Lots of fun to be had wandering around there.

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