It’s been a long day, starting with the roofers showing up at 7 AM and banging away and ending with a delicious birthday dinner followed by lemon meringue pie and the opening of presents, so before I toddle off to bed I will just list books I was given and trust that the LH readership can guess why each of them is particularly appropriate to the recipient. I will doubtless be posting about most of them individually as I make my way through them.
Lost for Words: The Hidden History of the Oxford English Dictionary, by Dr. Lynda Mugglestone
Krazy & Ignatz 1939-1940: “A Brick Stuffed with Moom-bins”, by George Herriman (see this impassioned post)
The Stalin Epigram: A Novel, by Robert Littell
Unforgiving Years, by Victor Serge
When Russia Learned to Read : Literacy and Popular Literature, 1861-1917, by Jeffrey Brooks
The Venture of Islam, Volume 3: The Gunpowder Empires and Modern Times, by Marshall G. S. Hodgson (see the third paragraph of this post)
Good thing I’m a fast reader.


  1. Happy birthday, Language.

  2. HB, LH!

  3. Dr Mugglestone is a cartoon character, surely?

  4. Happy birthday, and many happy returns!

  5. Happy, uh, twenty-ninth again, I presume.

  6. Happy belated birthday!

  7. Best wishes as always, LH.

  8. Happy Birthday, LH!

  9. nafahthi says

    Happy birthday, LH. Thanks for the party that you host here day after day.

  10. Ah, a kat enthusiast. I happen to be one of the lucky few who bought the Turtle Island/Eclipse series of kat comics spanning 1916-1924– the Fantagraphics series picks up from there and goes to 1943.
    The Eclipse series started out with the title “The Komplete Kat Komics” and was meant to be comprehensive– but the company succumbed to what appeared to be a publishing Kurse of Krazy and went out of business. But with Fantagraphics recently issuing a reprint of the final 1943 volume, all of the Krazy full-page comics have now been reprinted. My understanding is that Fantagraphics will do the right thing and republish the early stuff in one volume– so Herriman, at long last, is accessible in one place.

  11. С днём рождения and happy birthday! I second nafahthi’s thanks and wish you happy reading. I hope the roofers have either finished the job or worked quietly this morning!

  12. yesterday i was to link to the article in oreg/ about Mercy corps and their rally and the opposition to them of some equine explorers
    and say that they are not welcome and can have their safe and sanitary adventures elsewhere
    then i thought i shouldn’t spoil people’s birthdays complaining and the site seemed banned here too

    Ah, now I see… The state below Washington, when ‘live’, is “questionable content”, which must be why read put a slash through it. So in the url put in the O in the middle of that state’s name.

  14. С днём рождения! No hats? No music?

  15. I hope the roofers have either finished the job or worked quietly this morning!
    The job is far from finished, but it’s raining today, which means they didn’t show up and we were able to sleep in, which was nice.

  16. i meant the Mercy corps are welcome they are doing charity and some good hopefully and the article is okay, was surprised it is banned
    about the equine explorers guild i wanted to say that we don’t want them for any covrijki and please don’t leave their usual derbys

  17. John Emerson says

    Read are you in Oregon?
    I saw that article too. It was very odd. I thought it was pretty clear that it was trip only for the adventurous.
    My nephew did an off-road trip in Mongolia a few years ago and loved it. He saw the Gobi desert in the spring when it’s just coming to life. It didn’t look like a desert at all — in fact some geographers call it a half-desert (where camels can survive, but not horses).

  18. no, i’m not in Oregon, just found the article thanks to my Mongolia related media monitoring activities 🙂
    bubonic plague! very scary, yeah, really, and one can’t go without GPSs and call it adventure
    in August i’ll be in Khentii for a week though

  19. Cornelia Cunningham says

    Cheers! and more wonderful birthdays to come…

  20. Happy birthday, Hat! Some of your new books are on my shelves, so will be curious to hear your comments. Meanwhile, keep celebrating.

  21. Happy ever so belated birthday.
    I’m an ever increasingly slow reader. Quite annoying, really.

  22. Happy birthday.

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