Llyfrau O’r Gorffennol/Books from the Past is “an on-line collection of books of [Welsh] national cultural interest which have long been out of print.” (You can read much more about it here.) So far it has ten books in Welsh and eight in English; an example of the former is Caniadau by John Morris Jones (1907), “A volume of poetry, including original poems and translations from various languages into Welsh. Includes the famous translation of the verses of Omar Khayyâm,” and one of the latter is The Adventures and Vagaries of Twm Shon Catti by T. J. Llewelyn Prichard (1828), “A historical novel about Twm Siôn Cati, a legendary Welsh folk-hero from the sixteenth century.” A nicely done site. (Via MetaFilter.)

Update (July 2019). The site appears to be long gone; here‘s an archive link.


  1. Omar Khayyam in Welsh? Friggin’ awesome!

  2. Ooooooo. Sweet. Thanks!

  3. There’s lovely, thank you.
    (It’s Caniadau, though.)

  4. You might enjoy these pictures of Jack Hargreaves (English TV folk hero from the 70s) acting out the story of Twm Sion Cati.
    Oh God, I’ve corrected the Welsh there as well. I need to get out more.

  5. Fixed the Caniadau, thanks! The other is what it says on the site, so it’s on their conscience.

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