John Emerson of Idiocentrism has posted on Buying Books on the Internet, a subject of interest to many of us. He has some useful recommendations and solicits others:

Over the years I’ve developed my own lore, which I’m sharing here, but I’m also trying to find out a few things from my vast readership. I’m especially interested in finding better sources for books in Spanish and in Chinese, and in finding out why shipping from Europe seems to be both slower and more expensive than shipping from other equally-distant parts of the world, such as India and Australia. (Or is it just my imagination?)…
Please feel free to add comments on any information you have about good book-buying resources of all kinds, including sources for books in exotic languages which almost no one reads.

One of his commenters has mentioned FetchBook, which looks very useful and has been added to my bookmarks.


  1. Hello an I apologise but I’m not making a comment to your entry here but rather I’ve a question for all who think I am:
    why, now I am little Irish girl from the countryside but really why does you just get hit with porn sites galore when you type ” talent is not absolute”?
    and no..there’s no punchline ..or is there?

  2. She’s right, you know!
    Quite possibly spam, though, esteemed LH?
    And, though I’m helping this thread start on its trip to hell in a Google search, I will say I appreciate any advice on buying books on the Internet. Somehow using (with their ever so tempting constant lower prices) makes me feel a tad soulless and just one of millions of pillars in a hegemony. The ABEbooks advice seems good.

  3. Definitely spam, look at the address.

  4. Yeah, obvious spam, but since it doesn’t actually link to anything I’m kind of tempted to leave it, because it’s kind of charming. That “little Irish girl from the countryside”!

  5. That’s rather intriguing, now, isn’t it? D’s email address certainly implies affiliation with something having to do with the search phrase she suggests.
    Perhaps she is hoping that we will type the search phrase and click through to her sponsor?
    Or perhaps she is simply a spambot with a bug.

  6. Michael Farris says

    “perhaps she is simply a spambot with a bug”
    eeeeewwwwwwwww …

  7. gee chillax ! I am indeed just a charming little irish girl from the countryside…
    sure its the first time I even heard the term spambug…
    a pleasure to read ye
    tog go bog é

  8. Well, we are mostly jaded, degenerate, decreasingly virile American guys from urban dens of iniquity. For us, charming little Irish girls exist only in our dreams, if there.

  9. What kind of Irish person types ‘ye’?
    I say it now and again – I think it’s great that we have our own word for the plural of ‘you’ – but I never type it (I mean, everyone knows it’s supposed to be written as ‘youse’, as in ‘youse guyses’).

  10. Y’all is now the correct form.

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