As of Friday, digitized versions of the British Library’s first editions of Chaucer are online, as described in this BBC News story:

Internet users will be able from Friday to view the first editions of The Canterbury Tales online rather than having to visit the British Library where the original versions are kept…
It is hoped the digitisation of the volume on the 603rd anniversary of its author’s death will make it easier for scholars and the public to access it.
A team from Keio University in Tokyo, the project’s sponsor, have photographed the work into 1,300 high-definition images which have been put on the web.
Kristian Jensen, head of Western European Printed Collections at the British Library, said: “This project follows the library’s successful digitisation of its two copies of the Gutenberg Bible, a site which received one million hits in its first six months.
“This is the beauty of digitisation, to take something of great intellectual value which is rare and fragile, and make it available to anyone and everyone.”



  1. dungbeattle says

    ta ever so

  2. tracy9104 says

    I’m a student in China, I need information about the the comments on the Knight of The Canterbury Tales.Could anyone is kind to offer me help? Please send the information to my E-mail! Thank you!

  3. Well, Terry Jones wrote a book on Chaucer’s Knight.

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