The Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales is “a set of computerized linguistic resources and language processing tools” for the French language; the tabs on that front page lead to a lexical portal, a corpus of texts, dictionaries, and other resources that I’m too beat to investigate right now, but I look forward to exploring them and I thought I’d pass them along for anyone who works (or plays) with French and isn’t already familiar with it. Thanks, Paul!


  1. They have an online site called Pompano to help identify “possible neologisms”. I suppose one wants to fight these before they spread and take hold, so early diagnosis is important.

    They are called candidats à la néologie there, as if they had registered for an exam.

  2. The name is actually Pompamo, though the error is very natural.

  3. The fact that m is next to n on the keyboard is not natural, but conventional. The belief that It’s natural to make mistakes is itself conventional, I would even say unnatural.

  4. I was actually referring to the fact that pompano is a known word in at least English and Italian, whereas pompamo is not.

  5. Siganus Sutor says

    If only the CNRTL could give the list of abbreviations contained in the FEW…

    Their articles about Gallo-Romance expressions and word families can be particularly obscure without that information.

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