I’ve allowed my love of gravy to distract from my prescriptivist linguistic crusade!
And now you know how to improve your chances of getting into heaven. (Many thanks to John Emerson, also known to be operating under the alias of The New Yorker, for the tip.)


  1. Hee! is This one (hope I did the html correctly) has been stuck on my fridge for at least a year. (Warning: it does contain profanity. And the use of ’til.)

  2. Vindaloo gravy!

  3. Bambo: Your HTML was fine except that you neglected to put quotes around the URL (don’t worry, I fixed it for you with my godlike editing powers).

  4. im guessing its for stylistic reasons, but the fact that all the headers or your entries are written in all caps looks really ummm distracting when i read it via RSS, cant you make it so the CSS code is doing the capitolizing and then it wont get picked up by RSS (maybe im wrong on the css bit, dunno) but it makes me wanna not read the site

  5. LH: D’oh! And thanks.

  6. justin: I don’t like your all-lower-case style either. Different strokes, and all that.
    Bambo: My pleasure!

  7. we have a rare Hater of Caps here, a species thought extinct since archie and e e chicked into their respective roach motels.
    “Hater of Caps” is an especially good name for these folk, no?

  8. Andrew Dunbar says

    “Header” used in place of “heading” seems to be a current meme. Has anybody else noticed it or am I simply ignorant of them being valid synonyms?

  9. Ah, I know what I want for dinner tonight! Vindaloo and a good red wine.
    How’s life been, Hat?

  10. Up and down, up and down. But the heat has abated and I just got a new book to edit, so it couldn’t be better!

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