Juliet‘s back. She promises poetry and art. We need them.


  1. Hey Steve, yer link’s broken.
    So here I am, and all I have to say is “yer link’s broken.” How lame is that? I feel like a gauttersnipe in the hall of Academia. (I was going to say “academe” but became self-conscious about the possible mis-use.)

  2. dammit I meant “guttersnipe”

  3. Works for me. The link, I mean. Anybody else having trouble getting to Juliet’s place?
    (And don’t worry — no academe here — I got out of the place years ago, by the skin of my teeth. What an odd expression that is. I almost typed “espresso.” It would make an even odder espresso.)

  4. huh. ok it works now. must’ve just been momentarily down.

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