Juliet‘s back. She promises poetry and art. We need them.


  1. Hey Steve, yer link’s broken.
    So here I am, and all I have to say is “yer link’s broken.” How lame is that? I feel like a gauttersnipe in the hall of Academia. (I was going to say “academe” but became self-conscious about the possible mis-use.)

  2. dammit I meant “guttersnipe”

  3. Works for me. The link, I mean. Anybody else having trouble getting to Juliet’s place?
    (And don’t worry — no academe here — I got out of the place years ago, by the skin of my teeth. What an odd expression that is. I almost typed “espresso.” It would make an even odder espresso.)

  4. huh. ok it works now. must’ve just been momentarily down.

  5. Juliet’s last post was November 24, 2003. Sic transit.

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