Well, I had vaguely been planning something special to mark a half-decade of this whatsit’s existence: put up pictures of my hats, maybe, or write a sestina. Instead, as coincidence would have it, tomorrow is moving day, and I won’t even have internet access. (Today, the 30th, we’re closing on the new house in Hadley and returning the modem to Verizon.) So I’m postdating a quick notice of the event, with a warning that I don’t know how long it will be before I get hooked up again. I’ll see you sometime around the first of August; meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves, and join me in hoping we and the cats survive the move.


  1. All the best with the move, LH. We’ll try to behave ourselves till you’re online again.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations, hat, and many many many thanks.
    And best of luck with the move, I still get shivers thinking about mine from almost two years ago and the losses I suffered: Nöldeke’s grammar of Syriac is still nowhere to be found…

  4. Congrats on your demi-decade!
    I would very much like to see pictures of the hats if you get a chance after the move.

  5. Congratulations on your 5th and all the best on your move!
    I’d love to see all your hats too.

  6. Congratulations! When you get back maybe it’s time for some more hat posts. Also maybe some jazz – I saw that very interesting Kowald post in the archive, but jazz doesn’t seem to come up much here anymore.

  7. Congratulations!
    I’ve enjoyed this blog for about a year now, I think. Since I found it from LL.
    I knew you were an entertaining and erudite man, but you’ve just shot up another nudge in my esteem by being owned by a cat.
    Best of luck with the move.

  8. Congratulations, and thanks!

  9. marie-lucie says

    My message, written earlier just after Noetica’s, has disappeared! It looks like it was never posted at all. Now I don’t want to be too repetitious but could just about echo Sili (except for the cat – but that does not affect my esteem of you or Sili). Yours very faithfully, m-l

  10. Siganus Sutor says

    He he…

  11. Jhn Emrsn says

    Hppy brthdy t y, Hppy brthdy t y, Hppy brthdy dr lnggght, Hppy brthdy t y.

  12. HALP! Some1 haz eated Johns vawlz!

  13. Jhn Emrsn says

    Lnggght will easily decipher my clever code.

  14. Happy anniversary and good luck on the move.
    Hope to see you around again soon.

  15. Meal do naidheachd, LH! You know, this blog is one of very few I read every day (thanks to Bloglines), even with the obscure stuff I either don’t understand or have no interest in (me shoulda payed more atenshun in skool).
    Good luck with the move! I’m looking forward to more posts very soon.

  16. Congrats on the anniversary!

  17. Siganus Sutor says

    Er… LH, “old” chap, is it possible to wish you “many happy returns”?

  18. Congratulations! (And I agree with vanya. More jazz!)

  19. The imaginary Old Geezer squatting in the corner of my rooms says:
    “Ooohhh…..I don’t expect we’ll be seeing Lngght again. Ooohhh nooo….noo. That’s the last of him. Not til we follow him across the Styx, no.”

  20. good luck with the move, languagehat, and congratulations on the five years.

  21. Happy birthday! And happy moveday!

  22. Eric Banks says

    Congratulations! Thanks for your great and generous work–and best of luck with the move!

  23. Congratulations and move well.

  24. May you have the hatgevity of Bartholomew Cubbins! You will be noted by your absence during this lull.

  25. May you have the hatgevity of Bartholomew Cubbins! You will be noted by your absence during this lull.

  26. I’d love to see your hats. But only if you find the box they’re in.
    My commiserations on the move.

  27. RavinDave says

    I knew him back when he was just “languagecap”.

  28. Many hands clapping around here. Congrats on your anniversary and on surviving the move, and thanks so much for being here, continuing to do what you do so well!

  29. Congratulations! As we say in Yiddish,
    מיט מזל געיערט זיך
    yearify yourself with fortune.

  30. Congrats on 5 years and your move! Western Mass is so beautiful!

  31. Parabéns, são cinco anos de tirar o chapéu!

  32. prevedburzhuy

  33. If you do decide, eight years later, to write that sestina after all, there is a short piece by Caleb Emmons that explains how they work. Appropriately, the six words are form, symmetries, sestina, six, group, permutations. The final tercet is a bit lame, though.

    Emmons, appropriately, is the editor of the Journal of Universal Rejection, which is so selective that it rejects all papers received: its motto is reprobatio certa, hora incerta, a Latin tag no doubt derived from an uber form of Calvinism that proclaims universal damnation. (The Westboro Baptist Church is pretty close to this theology.) Some of the rejection letters are published in the blog, though.

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