There’s an interesting discussion of vegetarianism, prejudice, the eating habits of Bulgarians, and suchlike going on over at, and it’s being carried on in an admirably civilized fashion (I shudder to think of the insults that would be flying if the discussion were happening at MetaFilter, especially after the word “fat” came into it).
Full disclosure: I’m a participant in the discussion.

Update (Apr. 2021). Renee is now R. B. Lemberg; see this FB post for more.


  1. Glosses’ archives have apparently been rearranged; the thread you mention is here.

  2. Owlmirror says

    Glosses no longer exists as a site, but the thread is still in the web archive.

    Looking at the archives of the home page of the site, the last snapshot with content was in Q1 of 2007. In April 2007, the site was blanked and the archived page is just a sentence saying that it was shuttered by the owner, with no intent to return. But then in Dec 2007, there’s posts again with dates from May through October of that year . . . and then nothing. It looks like sometime in 2008 the domain was lost to its original owner and squatted upon.

    Sic transit

  3. Owlmirror says

    Renee Perelmutter seems to be still alive and publishing (most papers freely downloadable). Perhaps of interest to the Russophone contingent of languagehat is “Klassika zhanra: The flamewar as a genre in the Russian blogosphere”

  4. Yes, Renee is still around; I correspond with her from time to time, and remember Glosses very fondly (it was, I think, the first linguablog I became acquainted with, and she was one of the prime motivators for my starting LH)… but I now, after years of reading about what women go through online, understand why she ended it. I’m just glad it’s archived — thanks very much for finding that post! (Which, by the way, is an odd thing for me to have posted; I guess I was so excited by the comment thread I couldn’t resist going off message. Also, I was posting as “steve” over there, since I started commenting at Glosses before there was a languagehat.)

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