Free OUP Online Resources.

An Oxford University Press announcement says:

Celebrate National Library Week!
All OUP Online Resources are free April 13-19th

Libraries are a vital part of our communities- they feed our curiosity, bolster our professional knowledge, and provide a launchpad for intellectual discovery. In celebration of these cornerstone institutions, we are offering unprecedented free access to all our Online Resources* [*Excluding journals] to support our shared mission of education. […] No registration required- simply use the credentials below!
Username: libraryweek
Password: libraryweek

The free access starts on April 13th and will run through the end of the day on the 19th, running for the full duration of National Library Week. Access is available in the United States and Canada only.

The full list of resources is at the link; it includes University Press Scholarship Online, Grove Music Online, the Dictionary of National Biography, and of course the OED. Sorry about the geographical restriction, but for those of you in the US and Canada, enjoy the week!


  1. Libraries run on public money. The next election you vote in, find out which candidate is willing to fund libraries rather than wars or corporate tax breaks.

  2. Nick Wright says

    Sad, uncomprehending, UK resident

  3. In the UK, you just need to join your local library, and all’s well.

  4. That’s a joke, right? In the UK libraries are being closed down at an astounding rate.

  5. Branches are being closed, it’s true. But as far as I know, every UK resident is still entitled to free services from one of the 151 library authorities.

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