I discovered E-Julie’s blog The Language Legend (“Keeping you posted on cool stuff happening in the world of words”), via Naked Translations, which highlights (as will I) a post on Geordie (the dialect of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and its surrounding area), which in its turn links to two good sites: Newcastle English (“Geordie”), by Geoff Smith, and the BBC’s Geordie Dialect page (“modern times mean that some Geordie words are dying out and North Easterners are changing how they speak”). Now you too can talk like Andy Capp!


  1. There’s a noticeable difference between Geordie and the other accents and dialects of the north east of England. For those of you interested, here are links to dialects from various regions over several centuries:
    Gan canny!

  2. I figured this would lure you to comment!

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