Via MetaFilter:

The Global Language Online Support System (or GLOSS), produced by the Defense Language Institute […] offers over six thousand free lessons in 38 languages from Albanian to Uzbek, with particular emphasis on Chinese, Persian, Russian, Korean, and various types of Arabic. The lessons include both reading and listening components and are refreshingly based on real local materials (news articles, radio segments, etc.) rather than generic templates.
Important note: level 1 is considered “low intermediate” and assumes a basic knowledge of the language. For more elementary lessons […] try the ever-popular FSI Language Courses.


  1. Thanks for this, Languagehat! There’s lots of great supplementary material for my students.

  2. Yup, that’s a fantastic resource, been aware of it for a while but you reminded me I should probably tweet it. It’s nice to occasionally see language-learning related content on here as it seems to me that that’s not really the main focus of your blog, it’s more along the lines of “linguistic curiosities” if you will, very similar to what Omniglot does.

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