The Glossarist is “a compendium of glossaries on various subjects”:

Looking for the definition of a term in a particular subject can be difficult and time consuming. That’s where the Glossarist can help you look. Just choose a subject or search for the industry you are interested in at the top.

The current Featured Glossary is The Alphabetary Heraldic: A Genealogical Glossary of the Matrices and Patrices of Familial Life/ Arranged as an Immodest Companion for Heraldic Visitation/ With Notations and Phrases Typical of Anthropology, History, and Biography/ Based on Saxon, Latin, and Greek, and Annotated with Comparative Expressions in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Japanese, and Chinese./ Editio princeps by John R. Mayer.

A few entries, to give you a feel for the wide-ranging coverage:

folio 3 usque ad folium 5 : from folio 3 through folio 5. Cf. folium.
a h-aon a’s a h-aon I ngaol : [Ir] literally one and one in blood relationship; brother and sister; a pair of siblings removed from the apical ancestor by just one step. Cf. a dó a’s a dó I ngaol.
a quibus : from which.
a quibus Leonello et Elisabeth filia processit nomine Philippa heres unica : from which Lionel and Elizabeth proceeded a daughter, one heir named Philippa.
A, a : [Sumerian] open vowel, one of the three primal Sumerian vowels.
abjure the realm : to exile oneself from the country and promise to never return except by leave of the king.
Absaroka : Absaroke : [MT, WY] the native tribal name of the Crow.
abstract : deed abstract, land abstract; a concise summary of the stipulations and the land plat of a deed; will abstract, an abbreviated record of one’s last will and testament showing the names of beneficiaries, witnesses, and executors. A clerk creates an abstract to record a document or transaction in a register. Cf. catalogus, register.

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  1. Speaking of glossaries, this reminds me of my favourite: the Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

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