Do you vaguely wonder how well you remember a language you half-learned a while back? Try the Proficiency Tests provided by Transparent Language. They’re not very hard (I got 97/150, or 64%, on Latin, a language I was getting rusty at almost 40 years ago), but they don’t take long and are quite enjoyable if you enjoy that sort of thing. (Those of you who still have nightmares featuring multiple-choice exams should probably tiptoe on by.) A tip of the pileus to Des for the link.


  1. I got a 90% on German but am skeptical — I think it reflects test-taking ability more than actual language skills. If it were a realistic assessment I would have scored about 75% – 80%.

  2. Exactly. I only missed one on Russian, and I know my Russian isn’t that good.

  3. Erik de Jong says

    Fun tests to take, but I spotted some errors in the Dutch one, which makes me wonder about the other tests. I ended up scoring 100% for English but less for Dutch, which is my native language!

  4. Oh dear. That doesn’t sound good at all. Maybe you should let the Transparent Language people know!

  5. Erik de Jong says

    That’s a good point 🙂
    I just sent them an email to let them know.
    On another note: I noticed the accented characters in the Latin test. I was taught Latin without any accents at all, and I suppose they are there for pronunciation purposes (long vs. short syllables?).
    Language hat, do you happen to know?

  6. Yes, they’re for long syllables, and they’re not very well done. If they’re to be used, it should be only on long vowels, not before consonant clusters. Really, though, you should only use them where they disambiguate (as in the ablative of nouns in -a).

  7. They’re not for long syllables, they’re for long vowels, hence their inconsistent usage before consonant clusters. Most scholarly Latin texts don’t bother with macra (the Romans themselves did perfectly well without them), but texts intended for beginners very often use them throughout, perhaps in the vane hope that the students will remember them when the time comes to scan poetry. As a proficiency test would be more scholastic than scholarly, it seems appropriate to me.

  8. Erik de Jong says

    Thank you both for the feedback, that was useful!

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  12. *ribbit*
    But seriously, it does seem more of a test of test-taking skills, judging by my performance on German, which I have never studied. I got only one wrong on Russian, and that was because I was in this is easy mode (thus speaks the voice of denial), and I know that I have yet room to improve. On the other hand, I don’t think my French is ten percentage points behind my Russian, and I blame nassssty test-style questions, my precious, which took usss off our guard, yesss.

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