Greek Grammar on the Web is a website run by Marc Huys (apparently since 1999) that gives “a listing of web sites on ancient Greek language and grammar, combined with a description of the contents and a personal appreciation… Apart from being inevitably somewhat subjective, this appreciation is given from a scholarly as well as a didactic point of view.” The Advanced Study section, for example, links to Greek Prose Style (“excellent web site presenting the contents of a course taught at the City University of New York… in Greek prose style and prose composition. Via these pages you can access directly more than 90% of the materials contained in the 200-page workbook which Hansen produced for the course”), pdf files on historical phonology (“containing a concise survey of the historical evolution of vowels, diphthongs and consonants from Indo-European to Ancient Greek”) and Greek voice (by Carl Conrad, “distinguished classicist at Washington University of St. Louis… In it he confronts fundamental misconceptions governing the traditional teaching of the voices in Ancient Greek”), and other useful sources. (Via wood s lot.)

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