Another video, this one hilarious: English Swear Words. A Korean teacher of English explains the naughty words. As he says, not for pregnant women and small children. (Thanks, Jeremy!)


  1. Kári Tulinius says

    That’s wonderful!
    Also, that reminds me. I’ve been told that the Korean swearword shibal doesn’t really mean anything. I’d love to know more about it. Can anyone enlighten me?

  2. Not for pregnant women!!! That’s funny.
    I was wondering how he will explain asshole…

  3. Wiktionary says there’s a verb 씹하다. The Korean version elaborates 씹할 > 씨팔 > 씨발 and says 씹하다 is 씹 + 하다, along the lines of make love. I believe in the right context the all-purpose 하다 alone serves, like to do [someone] in English.

  4. This one also made its way on to Metafilter.
    And, your skin is sick!

  5. Kári Tulinius says

    Thanks, MMcM!

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