The Queen Bee points out that the ad above Languagehat features two language-related products and wonders if blogs are now being specifically targeted as a result of Google’s purchase of Blogger. Could be. It obviously makes sense from an advertiser’s point of view, and I guess it makes no never-mind to me. Spooky, though.


  1. I had noticed this week that the ads at the top of my blog relate to the title. Almost clever, but not quite.

  2. ((glances up at Blog*Spot ad))

    “Learn Russian Now”

    …………still spooky.

  3. Yep, same here. Ads seems to be targeted using words either in the title (I have the subtitle “sphagnum moss, dark water, and politics ” which gets me a “Nothing But Politics” link) or recent posts (one blogger who talked about tea has tea-related ads, another with a post on Clonaid has cloning links, while the “Dyna Hwyl – Welsh Course” and “Speed-Learn Welsh” currently featured in this blog’s ad follow the Feb 21st post about “Languagehat” in . . . Welsh. Huh.

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