About everything. Especially N*am Ch*msky. I humbly acknowledge the superior wisdom of Semantic Compositions’ prominent guest blogger, and will henceforth write only about matters appropriate to my simian self. Ook!


  1. It is April 1st, isn’t it? Hmm…

  2. So, Oh Wisest and the Most Respectful of all Hatted Monkeys, did you get to be on that committee?

  3. About time you realised this. I am now re-inventing myself as a neocon who supports Stalinism against Islamofascism in the 21st century but who in the late 20th century thought Islamofascists and Afghani warlords had to be supported in their fight against the Soviet Union. It is immaterial that i was pre-pubescent at the time, i *will* hold these opinions without my head exploding!

  4. joe tomei says

    I guess we have a lot of posts about Koko’s linguistic abilities to look forward to…

  5. Koko is my new best friend.

  6. As a retired prof of linguistics with a quarter-century of teaching behind me, I’d like to say a word in your defense. Most pompous asses I’ve run into are my age; this one is getting an early start; he’ll probably end up writing books with titles like “How the Mind Works”… You needn’t take him seriously.
    Ken Miner

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