No, not the rubbery emulsion, the typesetting program LaTeX. Christopher Culver, proprietor of the late and much-lamented classical weblog Nephelokokkygia, says “I retained on my personal website the introductions to LaTeX, which I am sure many former readers will be happy about.” I am glad to have the opportunity to link to his introduction for classicists (“LaTeX is incredibly useful for the classicist, for it supports, among many other languages, Latin and Greek, and even provides the correct hyphenation of text in those languages”) [and for Slavicists]; I hope many readers will find them useful.


  1. Set my PhD in LaTeX. Looks lovely.

  2. my PhD was also in LaTeX. The only thing I never worked out how to do properly was diagrams in formal construction grammar. I had to do them in tbles in Word, pdf them and incorporate them as graphics. psychologically painful to say the least.
    my syntax course website: has a collection of latex for linguist links.
    I saw your comment on my blog, btw, but I’ve been away for the weekend. Will reply soon.

  3. sorry website’s wrong:

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