Cristi Laquer and Scott Kolp have started a language blog called Invented Usage that looks like a lot of fun, with discussions of language, the distinction or lack thereof between poetry and prose, and a funny exchange between the bloggers about possible names for their prospective blog. Welcome to Blogovia, Scott and Cristi!


  1. Hi!
    Would like to pick your brains with a question, please could you email me your e-dress?
    Many thanks

  2. Jimmy Ho says

    “E-dress”? I don’t if this was on purpose, but you got me dreaming of android fashion.

  3. Jimmy Ho says

    (Edit: “I don’t know…”.)

  4. Michael Farris says

    (About to betray my computer illiteracy)
    Are some of the more incomprehensible posts (like the requests for how to say “pretentious twit” in Tibetan or reputed Turks (apropos of absolutely nothing) asking for English lessons (not to mention the first post here) are some kind of new comment spam?

  5. The second time this week I’ve been taken for a clever virus/spam. I’m flattered, but no, there are still some people out here… (And my post is hardly incomprehensible.)
    Language Hat, how can I reach you?

  6. Well, Andie, if you look over to the right, under “Links,” you’ll see the following, and it doesn’t lie:
    languagehat AT yahoo DOT com
    languagehat AT gmail DOT com
    So fire away!

  7. I like the link to Invented Usage. There is one post on the blog that mentions my favorite movie, My Fair Lady. Am I allowed to tell people that I love that movie AND tell that I have a Linguistics degree?

  8. Absolutely! I’m fond of the movie too.

  9. Er, doh… (sorry, a blonde virus! or maybe blinded by talk of DFW…)

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