A MetaFilter thread by OmieWise (whose Proust blog is well worth your time) introduced me to a nice site on Judeo-Spanish, or Ladino; it includes a grammar and some texts, mostly historical and cultural, although there’s also a fragment of a poem (written in Hebrew characters as well as transliteration). Visit the MeFi thread for other good links and information, mostly provided by the learned zaelic.


  1. That’s the Ladino section of Orbis Latinus, which is about all the Romance languges (and Latin). The Ladino section does seem to be one of the more complete, but there’s a lot of material on other languages too.

  2. And I see I’ve posted about Orbis Latinus before. Ah well, two blog years is like, what, twenty real years — I think I’m allowed the repetition.

  3. Ladino is the written laguage, mostly used in litugical texts.
    The oral language is known as Judezmo.

  4. I am amused that a post about Judeo-Spanish should remind me of Taiwan.

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