I am a lady bug and I
hope I look pretty and
I hope no kids will
trap me to keep being
locked up in something
because I have no idea
what the thing they lock
me up in is called and I am
so sorry it’s dinner time
good evening I have to go.
  –Julia Mayhew

I absolutely love the way the changes in thought are mirrored by the shifts in rhythm, and the way the last line provides as firm a musical farewell as any of Beethoven’s insistent tonic chords. Brava, Julia!


  1. Imagine my surprise at checking Language Hat , as I do every day or so, and seeing Julia’s poem posteed there. I’ll tell her you liked it.
    Julia’s Dad
    P.S. I also apreciated your comments on the supposed “grammatical error” in the sentence about Toni Morrison. I was scratching my head all week trying to figure out what the supposed error was supposed to be in the first place.

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