Another new language blog, by Billy McCormac: “Lagomduktig documents my quest to unravel the mysteries of translating the Swedish language.” The title “is a combination of two more or less ‘untranslatable’ words: lagom (just enough, just right) and duktig (clever, smart).” If you have any interest in Swedish, check it out.

Update (June 2023). Lagomduktig gave up the ghost a little over a year later: “Both Paul and I are swamped with writing projects and other work, but we promise to get back to Lagomduktig as soon as possible.” Promises, promises…


  1. Tack ska du ha!

  2. Mange tack!
    If you, by chance, have some new information re state of endangered languages, specifically, in Eastern and North Eastern parts of Europe – let me know. I particularly am very interested in Platttuutsch and Rusyn. I’m also trying to create my own common Slavic language – Proslava (sits temporarily on )
    I’m also interested in discussion about Ur-IndoEuropean language since it has to do with my extracting common roots for Proslava language. So I would be glad for any input.

  3. Hmm, looks like Mr. McCormac has changed his url – any idea on an eventual new address?
    A bit off-topic, but if you verlanize the Swedish word ‘lagom’, you get the Norwegian (and perhaps Swedish as well…?) word ‘omlag’, which can be translated to ‘about’ (as in ‘about 2 tbs. of salt’).
    You turn both the word and the meaning inside-out – pretty nifty.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up — I sent Billy M. an e-mail, and will report on whatever I learn.

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