The concept of > Language > Place is “To create a collaborate cyber journey that features international perspectives on language and place, in different formats, and with different languages included …. The main language is english, the carnival consists of a main page that links to all participating blogs.” The fifth edition of the blog carnival is now online, hosted by Parmanu, who created a special format for this edition: a “Museum of Language & Place“:

A teacher finds how much he can learn about himself through lessons to a second-language English student.
A newcomer realizes that a place is not what it first seems to be.
A traveler learns that a city can break a friendship.
A group of marines discover a working telephone in the middle of a Central American jungle.
An outsider experiences the strangeness of discovering others like himself in a foreign land.

These are some of the stories hidden in the Museum of Language & Place…. The Museum of Language & Place, like other museums, has rooms and exhibits. Unlike other museums, however, this one lets you move directly from one room to any other. Each room has one exhibit; there are 18 exhibits and 21 rooms. (I’ll let you discover where the remaining rooms lead to.)

A clever idea, and I’m going to try to remember to explore the other editions.


  1. Mitchell Porter says

    I have a question for Language Hat: is there a name for a “search-engine hapax legomenon”? That is, a word or search string for which exactly 1 match is returned? Here is an example (though after this is posted there will be 2 matches): dathagerathagacathaginathagatathagion.

  2. There used to be a word for this, and back in the early days of LH I remember there was a game in which you tried to come up with such words or phrases, but I’m damned if I can remember what it was: googleblast? google… something. Maybe one of my more memorious readers will know.

  3. One such game is Googlewhack.
    Earlier mention.

  4. Googlewhack, that’s the word! Thanks, and thanks also for the link to that interesting thread from 2008.

  5. They left the Pandoran Jewish community out of the movie altogether. Typical.

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