I just discovered a mother lode of blog links: the LINGUIST List Linguistic Blogs page. It’s somewhat out of date (A Luggage Exit in Sits and Polyglot Conspiracy, for instance, are defunct, and their Double-Tongued Word Wrester link redirects to Grant Barrett’s new project, A Way with Words), but there’s lots of good stuff there that I look forward to exploring when work allows, from A Replicated Typo (“A group blog dedicated to language, its evolution and anything in-between”) to Yes Russian (“Written by a Russian native, these lessons teach you the Russian language in a very practical way”).


  1. Marc Leavitt says

    I just started a blog in July, which you might want to take a glance at. It’s “Marc Leavitt’s Blog” at

  2. Looks interesting; here‘s a direct link.

  3. I look forward to browsing it later. Pity it hasn’t been updated in so long.
    Arnold Zwicky’s list from 2011 is more comprehensive and up to date.

  4. True.

  5. There is a place to add links and to update or report bad links (“Help Us” in the top righthand corner).

  6. Yup! Good list. There was a new one started recently that seemed like it had a lot of promise…let me try to find it…
    Got it! It’s called “Polyglot Link”:

  7. Hey, my brother and I are creating a video language library of slang, idioms and other peculiar language. I like to think of it as Urban Dictionary on crack. Anyway we are looking for feedback and collaboration. If you have a minute take a look, if you would like to write about the site email me at Otherwise we’d love to hear your feedback if you’d be willing to take a two minute survey.

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