Those of us who make a living correcting other people’s writing have long been familiar with the standard proofreader’s marks; now Eve Corbel has come up with some useful additions. The world has long needed a symbol for “remove permanently from your lexicon.” (Via Taccuino di traduzione.)

Update (2010). The link above no longer works, but for the moment the comic is featured on the Geist comix front page.

Update (2017). The Geist link no longer works, but the comic is now available here. Internet, thy name is linkrot!


  1. I wonder about the origin of the second mark. Letting the cat out of the can of worms?

  2. It’s probably some sort of a snake-cat hybrid. Cat-dog hybrid is difficult to draw, I imagine.
    There’s still one mark I’m missing: something for “what the fruity fish is this supposed to mean?”. I’ve just finished proofreading an article and this one would have come very handy…

  3. The second mark is clearly an impotent worm who tries to act tough but who is just a sniveling little pussycat. That or a snake in the grass playing a game of cat and mouse.

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