Libraries of Timbuktu is “maintained by Alida Jay Boye at the Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo as part of the Timbuktu Manuscripts Project financed by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)”; it’s got a Visit the Libraries section with great photos, a bibliography of “books and articles about the city of Timbuktu and the area adjacent to it,” links to resources and websites, and much more. Thanks, Paul! (I had to double-check to make sure this wasn’t a third repost of Ancient Manuscripts from the Desert Libraries of Timbuktu, but it’s not, so if you’re interested you should visit that as well.)
Totally unrelated but fun: a music video celebrating the many spellings of the recently ended holiday of (C)Hanuk(k)ah. Thanks, Songdog!


  1. NORAD? In the US that means the North American Aeorspace Defense Command. Supporting libraries in Timbuktoo would probably be more productive than shoveling money into the black hole of the Strategic Defense Initiative.
    J. Del Col

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