A new (since June) linguistics blog, by Neal Whitman: Literal-minded. He has an interesting series of posts about his son’s early difficulties with the l sound. (He also guest-posts at The Volokh Conspiracy.) Via Tenser, said the Tensor.


  1. The chicken story: poor kids! Why couldn’t he just read it to them without worrying about the collective name for a rooster, some hens and their chicks. (If pushed to do so, I’d have said poultry, but there ya go). He’ll have his bairns in therapy unless he reads the damn thing to them as if he’s enjoying it. Save the analysis for later, when they’re teenagers and challenging every word he says anyway.
    Dark L and light L – my cousin (aged 51 and a half) still says miwk (milk) whereas her mother used to pronounce it with a non-velarized or clear L. (I think I’ve got the name right – no linguist I). As the man said, a lot depends on your accent. My cousin was Cornish, her mother posh.

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